The Digital Media Network (DMN) is for students to connect, share and get involved in WelTec's student life.


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WelTec wants to help you learn, grow and express yourself.
Above all, you're a name, not a number at WelTec.

From arrival through to employment and beyond WelTec welcomes your views and contribution to the student voice. Adding your voice to the Digital Media Network is a great way of connecting with fellow students and the WelTec community. Here are some other ways to be part of WelTec's student life

  • Like WelTec on Facebook

    Join the discussion and get announcements to your mobile

  • Become a weltec volunteer

    A great way to meet and help fellow students. Talk to a student support staff member.

  • Join a club or sports team

    Check out the community pages in moodle for more information

  • say hi to someone at WelTec you don't know

    In the cafe or in class, make a new friend by saying hello.

Weltec support

There are plenty of friendly WelTec staff working to make your study experience the best it can be. Feel free to contact them anytime.

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